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Rosa placed two bets of five hundred. It's good that she is not talkative, sits quietly, puffs on her pipe, and only taps the cloth with her middle finger when she needs a map. My tired psyche was not ready now to entertain and amuse the players With a slight movement of a tired hand, with a breeze, so to speak, I distributed the cards, almost not seeing them because of the smoke that was eating away at my eyes - any air conditioner is powerless against Rosa's pipe.

Although we can deal cards with our eyes closed, and this is not boasting, but one of the tests in the croupier's school.

Standing on heels was getting harder and harder every minute. I am sure that the forces of gravity increase exponentially by morning, it's just that physicists are fast asleep at such a time and do not know about it. I would now gladly change places with Lyosha. His wooden inspector's stool seemed to me the most comfortable chair in the whole universe. I wiggled my toes, clenched in the vise of my narrow shoes.



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